Gear Review UVU TEE
Thu, Dec 07, 2017

Joica Spajic is one of the most extreme endurance runners. He recently won the Jungle Marathon, one of the toughest races in the world. In this adventure, he wore UVU clothing to protect himself from the elements. After his return, he gave us feedback on the products.


My name is… Jovica Spajic

I am… a gear geek

Why are you a gear geek? I think the importance of the quality of equipment and clothes you carry is truly enormous.

Recently you won the jungle marathon. What gear did you use? I was wearing the UVU official line: The Windproof Jacket, the Split Shorts and the UVU Tee.


Is there anything you would change at the UVU Tee? No.

Nothing? Nothing. I think this garment is a future classic.

Classic? Like a Rolex Explorer!

Design or function? Both – but form follows function.

Light or ultralight? As light as possible.

Weather protection or breathability? In the jungle breathability is weather protection. It was like being in a sauna!

I find freedom… while running in UVU clothes with maximum moving space.

If you could be a super hero. Who would you be? I like to be myself – dressed in a magic suit, designed by UVU, crafted by KTC.


Foto credit: Fabio Andrade/Sport Art