The UVU Tee – a piece of art
Tue, Apr 11, 2017

You could say, that a T-shirt will always be a T-shirt. Somehow that’s correct, but the UVU Tee is different. It is a piece of art, so lightweight, that you almost can’t feel it while wearing. Everyone who tested it can tell you about that. We spoke with some of the elite athletes who wore the UVU Tee under extreme conditions and we’ll tell you the secrets of this shirt.

Finding a running shirt is no problem, but it is a challenge to find a sun protecting skin layer that can protect against brutal, searing heat while preventing chaffing and keeping you cool during intense humidity.

The UVU Tee was developed in collaboration with some of the world’s most elite athletes, designed to perform in extreme conditions such as the Brazilian jungle; Chile’s Atacama Desert and multi-stage races in Morocco, Iran & USA. Its lightweight design is perfect for a range of endurance activities, helping you to run harder for longer. Offering 100% sun protection and crafted from an ultra-fine, soft, moisture managing Italian fabric, the Tee is fully bonded, reducing irritation for added comfort. Even better, it will allow you to wear a backpack without chaffing.


Athlete tested

Some of these elite athletes who tested the UVU Tee to the extreme gave us their feedback.

Jovica Spajic is an extreme ultra runner. He won the “La Ultra – The High”, a 333km ultra-marathon that takes you over three 17.500 ft. high Himalaya passes and through extreme conditions in India. Spajic also did the “Yukon Artic Ultra” and will participate at the Sahara Race in Namibia, a 7 day, 250 km footrace, this year. „The UVU shirt utilizes extreme craftsmanship and is made of materials which are outstanding. While running, you don’t want to think about your equipment. It has to work – and the UVU doesn’t limit you at all”, says Spajic.

For Karl Hinett a running shirt with zero friction is crucial. Hinett was a soldier in Iraq when he was attacked inside his Warrior tank by rioters with a fire bomb. As a consequence, he lost almost one third of his skin. “I have a lot of problems with sensitive skin, but with the UVU Tee I can run marathons and ultras with no fear of the fabric irritating my skin, the breathability is incredible”, says Hinett.


Tech secrets

Why is the UVU Tee so special? We’ll tell a couple of secrets: it’s about the fabric, the bonding and the manufacturin

The fabric is Caresse by JL. Caresse is stretch, comfortable, lightweight, delicate and protective. Wearing Caresse means being able to focus only on athletic performance, feeling at ease during every move, under any weather conditions. It ensures maximum comfort and freedom of movement, it is fast drying and keeps your skin fresh and dry, its extra-flat surface prevents itches and skin irritation and it protects your skin from UV rays so that you can practise outdoor sports without worrying. This fabric helps sportsmen to overcome their limits, so that it is just you versus you: UVU.

The UVU Tee is constructed with sewfree technology which allows customized stretch and recovery so the product stretches and moves with you but snaps back into shape when you are finished wearing it. Furthermore, no seams mean no irritations. When the garment sits close to your skin there will be zero distractions. The seamless construction of the UVU Tee delivers the lightest and lowest profile on the market so elite athletes can focus on what they do best – running fast. To realize these seamless constructions UVU is using the products of Bemis.

The UVU Tee is crafted by KTC in Shaping China, known for The Art of Performance Manufacture.

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