Training Tips: Winter Running
Tue, Feb 13, 2018

Tim Wortmann is a sports scientist, trainer and successful trail runner. In 2017 he won the Adamello Ultratrail over 180 kilometers. This year he also has great goals, such as the Tor des Geants. The UVU athlete wants to share his knowledge and experience with everyone: with Tim's Training Tips.


  1. Variety

Train things you don't have time for during the season. Also train your weaknesses. For me this means e. g. intervals, leg turnovers, power hiking, mobility and flexibility.


  1. Don’t forget to drink

In cold weather, the body needs more energy to maintain its temperature. Nevertheless, one often doesn't feel as thirsty as in summer. That's why you always have to remember to drink.


  1. Dress properly

Good clothing is key. Uphill you sweat a lot, downhill it can get very cold. Therefore, your clothing should protect you against the elements, it should be breathable and create a good microclimate. My tip for the perfect running jacket in winter: the Polarproof Jacket.

To run in winter on snow, two other things are obligatory: spikes and waterproofed socks.




  1. No excuses

There is always a way to train. With a good headlamp you can also exercise in the early morning or late in the evening. Reflectors on the clothing increase safety.


  1. Take it easy

Running on snow, ice and co. is not necessarily fast, which means that you should be guided by time and effort rather than speed; quality units (intervals, etc.) should either be placed on the treadmill or on free paths/streets.


Fotocredit: Lennart Kemper