Tue, Nov 14, 2017

The harder, the better. Mark Turner loves extreme and extremely long races. At the Brutal Extreme Triathlon, he has recently completed a double ironman. After eight kilometre swim, 386km cycle and 84km run he finished second. This man is twice as hard as iron! In our series Run and Gun the endurance athlete answers our short questions and tells us what the craziest race is for him.


My name is… Mark Turner 

I am… the type of person with an addictive personality. When I decide to do something it is never by halves but always fully committed. There is no ‘sprint’ or ‘half’ distance option for me and never has been. I have the urge, and need to see just how far I can push my mind and body and now fully appreciate how bigger part the mind plays when taking on the longer races. For me being alone, almost (and sometimes) lost in the wilderness and stunning world we live in whilst testing my endurance and competing for position makes me feel alive and appreciate life

My biggest win was… not a win! For me it was 2nd place at the Brutal Double Extreme iron distance (amazingly brutal event in Wales)  

Cold or Rain? Rain 

Brutal or Soft? Brutal of course! 

Adrenaline or more adrenaline? More is never enough, always looking beyond 

The craziest run I`ve ever made was… the Spine Race (268 miles in winter), can’t wait to do it again in January 2018… 

10km or 100km? Warmed up after 100km 

Flat or hilly? Altitude sickness gets the heart pumping 

One day race or stage race? Multi-day non stage race 

If I have a big lead in a race…  I panic I’ve gone off too fast and then continue to run fast whilst convincing myself I am not going too fast – it never works!  

How many hours do you train per week? 15-26 

Meat or vegetables? Mooooooo! 

My favourite spot on this planet is… Chamonix valley 

I love… (1st) my wife and children, (2nd) losing and testing myself on ridiculous courses 

If I had one wish… it would be to complete the winter double Bob Graham Round 

My secret of success is… a good coach (Daz Carter) and a very understanding and loving family 

My biggest goal is… do well in the Spine Race 2018, attempt a first ever winter double Bob Graham Round, avoid injury and keep enjoying what I do